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  • ERA is an association of both published and unpublished authors who've banded together to support and encourage each other as we get our work ready for publication.


  • Our goal, of course, is to produce the best product we can.  So we depend on each other to read and critique as we work.  But there's a lot more to the writer's life than getting the words on paper. 

  • Once the story is finished, there's finding a home for it.  Keeping up with industry news is a must for any 21st Century writer, and the more eyes you have looking, the more time you have for writing.

  • After the initial excitement of holding your book in your hand, the hard part begins--getting that masterpiece out to the readers.  Promotion is the part of writing most writers would rather skip.  As much as you may hate being in the public eye, if you ever want to see that first royalty check, you can't skip this step.  Here's where being part of a group of like-minded souls becomes invaluable.

  • We write erotic romance for the most part, though ERA does not want to limit our membership to those genres.  If your work includes either erotic or romantic elements, no matter the genre, we'd like you to consider joining us.

  • As a crit group, we have to keep our membership manageble, so we've limited the group to twenty or so published or soon to be published authors. 

  • If the above sounds like something you'd like to be part of, email  Include your publisher's link where we can take a look at some of your work.  If you haven't published yet, you can still apply, but we ask you to submit the first 5 pages of your current WIP.  We will also provide a sample of our work so you can decide if you'll be comfortable reading the level of erotic content we write.

  • Thanks for coming by. 


  • The Writers of ERA

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